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Top 100 Valuation Devices

This PowerPoint presentation was prepared for the workshop, "From Prizes to Prices," held in Bologna, January 2017, sponsored by The Leverhulme Trust. To see this self-timed presentation, download the file and click "Play Slide Show."

Permanently Beta

Researchers in science and technology studies have long-recognized that the design process is not completed when manufacturers ship out a new product. Instead, users complete the design process when they resist some uses inscribed in the product, identify other affordances, and modify the product. All products, and especially new and unfamiliar ones, entail considerable interpretive flexibility. The new user innovation communities make this insight a part of corporate strategy. Instead of a hit or miss approach, they actively foster communities of users and involve their participation at ever-earlier stages of the design process. This is search when you don't know what you're looking for, relying on the users to recognize it when they find it.

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